At Ahlers Designs, we create one-of-a-kind custom awards that add special, personalized value to any event or occasion. Award events are an opportune time for everyone to shine. Designer Gail Ahlers will ensure that your custom awards make a statement, get noticed, are placed in positions of prominence.

Step away from the typical wood and brass plaques, trophies and medals. By designing your own custom recognition awards, you'll make a statement of quality and value that will resonate with both your customers and employees.

When they needed unique corporate awards, major customers like Pepsico, Teknor Apex, Habitat for Humanity, Raytheon and Lotus, turned to Gail Ahlers to provide them with the perfect custom solutions to their individual corporate award needs.

Ahlers Designs can do the same for you. We draw on your unique artistic tastes, ideas and branding to design and produce the perfect custom award. Award-winning designer, Gail Ahlers' background is in precious metals and sculpture. So, the custom awards that she creates are unique and personal. They will add value to any industry, event or special occasion. Gail Ahlers is more than a quality designer; she is an artist.