bust_600x722@72 copySince 1993, BUST Magazine has been publishing in rhapsodic delight of girl culture on the cutting edge. A powerhouse of Whimsical, Serious, Laugh-out-loud, and Impassioned contemporary women’s lit, BUST has become an icon for the “Proud to be female” campaign: raw and  uncensored in all its glory.

In Celebration of BUST Magazines 20th Anniversary Extravaganza, the editors of BUST approached artist, Gail Ahlers to design and create The BUST Golden Bra Sculptures, to be presented at their NY Gala, July 25, 2013 at the Bell House.

I was sent a raw sketch of my client’s concept for the Golden Bra, and got very excited with the overall idea – I couldn’t wait to get started.

“…From a goofy sketch in the BUST conference room to the finished award, Gail’s mad sculpting skills made our idea of the “Golden Bra Award” a reality.”
~ Bust Magazine

The final design was fashioned as a vintage “Madonna” brassiere, cast of pewter with gold plating/leaf, and mounted on a custom base of recycled lumber.

Understanding a client’s unique voice and style is somewhat of a specialty at Ahlers Designs.  And for BUST Magazine, it was a pleasure to showcase through my art a wild feminist voice that sings the praises of all those audacious ladies of moxie extraordinaire.

“You know when Academy Awards night they get-up and say that this means so much because it comes from my peers, now I know what they mean. This award finally deserves my all time favorite word, Fan F***ing Tastic!”
~Gloria Steinem

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