Custom artwork and awards by RI artist. 25+ years of award-winning art for corporate gifts and awards. Learn more about commissioning artwork for corporate clients.

Commission artwork for corporate clients: Awards, Sculptures and Fine Art by Gail Ahlers

Discover the extraordinary custom sculptures and fine art creations of renowned Rhode Island artist Gail Ahlers. Ahlers specializes in working with precious metals, wood, and sustainable materials to craft one-of-a-kind commission artwork for corporate clients, including company gifts, commemorative commissions, and work events.

Elevate Corporate Gifts with Captivating Art

For 25 years, Ahlers Designs has been sought-after studio for businesses seeking to elevate their brand’s expression. By blending artistic excellence with strategic business acumen, Ahlers Designs delivers your company’s unique message in a visually captivating and impactful way.

Personalized Commissions Bring Forth Brand Essence

Corporate commissions are a wonderful way to honor an influencer or leader within your organization and beyond. Gail Ahlers, the founder of Ahlers Designs, will take the time to meld your brand assets and artistic vision, ensuring that the final sculpture truly reflects your company or organization’s unique identity. 

Gail creates singular works of appreciation art to commemorate milestone events and honor exceptional achievements. By combining artistic sensibility and business acumen, she crafts unique works of art that will be admired and treasured for generations.

Known as the “unique blend of artist-business person that does both pieces well,” leaders turn to Gail to envision their brand values into meaningful works of art that “provide tribute of impact and importance to the recipient, and the giver.”

Translating values and identity into a works of art that inspire and motivate

Capturing the essence of vibrant corporate cultures, commitment to workplace productivity, environmental values and sustainability are frequent themes for Ahlers Designs’ clients. With a business acumen and an artist’s vision, Gail has custom crafted numerous notable awards and commemorative artworks, including:  

Golden bra sculpture mounted on wood, awarded for BUST Magazine’s anniversary.

From idea to reality: The BUST Golden Bra Sculptures

In 2013, the editors of BUST Magazine, a powerhouse of whimsical, serious, and impassioned contemporary women’s literature, approached artist Gail Ahlers to design and create a special award for their 20th Anniversary Extravaganza.

Gail was thrilled to bring BUST’s vision to life. The final design was fashioned as a vintage “Madonna” brassiere, cast in pewter with gold plating and leaf, and mounted on a custom base of recycled lumber.

“From a goofy sketch in the BUST conference room to the finished award, Gail’s mad sculpting skills made our idea of the ‘Golden Bra Award’ a reality,” said the BUST team.

Custom artwork and awards by RI artist. 25+ years of award-winning art for corporate gifts and awards. Learn more about commissioning artwork for corporate clients.

From idea to reality: The BUST Golden Bra Sculptures

The BUST Golden Bra Sculptures were presented at the magazine’s New York Gala on July 25, 2013, to the delight of attendees, including the legendary Gloria Steinem, who exclaimed, “You know when Academy Awards night they get-up and say that this means so much because it comes from my peers, now I know what they mean. This award finally deserves my all-time favorite word, Fan F***ing Tastic!”

Collaboration and recognition: ASMFC Commissioners’ Lapel Pin

As a testament to our dedication to creating meaningful keepsakes, Gail Ahlers Designs was entrusted with crafting a commemorative lapel pin for the esteemed Commissioners of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC). 

The custom-designed pin, crafted in solid 14k gold, sterling silver, or bronze, features a timeless mariner’s symbol – the Compass Rose. This enduring emblem represents the unwavering dedication and leadership of the ASMFC Commissioners in protecting and managing the vital marine fisheries along the Atlantic Coast.

Custom artwork and awards by RI artist. 25+ years of award-winning art for corporate gifts and awards. Learn more about commissioning artwork for corporate clients.

Innovation and creativity exemplified: Teknor Apex

“Gail Ahlers has added innovation and creativity to our recognition programs here at Teknor Apex. We have worked with her for many years and know her to be able to add the unusual element we are looking for while still making the items on-time and in a professional manner. She is a unique blend of artist-business person that does both pieces well.” ~ Jonathan Fain, Chairman & CEO Teknor Apex Company

A 6” polished stainless steel abstract “M” sculpture mounted on a black wooden stand

Honoring major museum benefactors: The Charles Biederman “M” Sculpture

In 1999, the University of Minnesota commissioned Ahlers Designs to create a scale model of the Charles Biederman “M” sculpture as a tribute to the museum’s premier benefactors and in honor of the Biederman collection.

Measuring approximately 6″ high, the abstract and bold statue was cut from 1″ thick stainless steel, brushed with a satin finish, and mounted on a sleek black wood base. The result is a timelessly elegant ode to excellence through the arts and a joyful reflection of influential history.

“Gail Ahlers of Ahlers Designs, presents art that allows organizations and individuals to memorialize and provide tribute of impact and importance to those who receive it,” said a client testimonial.

Playful & eco-friendly: The Green Bernie Award for Annie’s Homegrown

In 2013, organic food company Annie’s Homegrown selected Chelten House Productions as the recipient of their prestigious Green Bernie Award, honoring a vendor’s high level of sustainability.

San Francisco-based Ella Prints commissioned Ahlers Designs to design an appreciation art piece representing the environmental values that define Annie’s. Gail Ahlers, the founder of Ahlers Designs, set to work on creating a unique, eco-friendly bunny sculpture.

The vibrant, green, and playful sculpture was crafted from recycled glass obtained from Annie’s Natural Salad Dressing bottles. The company’s iconic “rabbit approval” shines on the front of the sculpture in gold, showcasing how corporate and environmental success can go hand-in-hand.

Three bottles of Annie’s Natural Salad Dressing next to a green salad
Annie’s Natural Salad Dressing

“Ahlers Designs believes in the power of green innovation through art,” said Gail Ahlers. “We were honored to create this special piece that celebrates Annie’s commitment to sustainability.”

Celebrating partners and core values: Gurnet Consulting 4R Award

Gurnet Consulting, a New England-based project management consulting agency, commissioned Ahlers Designs to custom design its quarterly 4R Awards. As an employee-owned and operated company, Gurnet emphasized the importance of a sculptural piece that celebrates its partners and core values.

Ahlers Designs founder set to work on designing a 3D representation of Gurnet’s guiding principles, known as “The 4 Rs”: reputation, referrals, relationships, and results. The result is a professional and imaginative stainless steel “4R,” boasting a satin finish and mounted on a reclaimed lumber base.

The base displays two custom plaques: one listing Gurnet’s core values and another distinguishing the award recipient. This handcrafted piece beautifully captures the essence of Gurnet’s vibrant corporate culture and commitment to workplace productivity.

“Ahlers Designs has a unique ability to translate our company’s values and identity into a work of art that inspires and motivates our team,” said a Gurnet Consulting representative.

Insurer stands apart with company-wide recognition program: AIPSO Project 

A collection of gleaming pewter stars, each engraved with years of service and adorned with a unique colored gemstone.

AIPSO, a national organization serving the automobile insurance industry, values and listens to its people, infusing a great company culture that translates to a top-quality workforce driven by collaboration, loyalty, and family commitment.

To recognize and honor dedicated employees, AIPSO has instituted a strong company-wide recognition program that celebrates length of service and commemorates outstanding work performance. For their Years of Service program, AIPSO commissioned Ahlers Designs to create a special award.

Gail designed a solid pewter star magnet that the recipient could proudly display on a personalized office magnet board. Each star proclaimed the anniversary year and was beautifully enhanced with a Swarovski crystal, with a different color stone selected for each milestone.

“The Star of Service is a wonderfully sincere way for a company to acknowledge and celebrate an employee anniversary, and expresses their appreciation and gratitude for this special occasion,” said RI artist Gail Ahlers, the founder of Ahlers Designs.

Celebrating gratitude & exceptional achievement

Gail Ahlers understands the unique voice and style of each client. She takes great pride in showcasing their stories and honoring their accomplishments through her handcrafted works of art. Whether you’re looking to commemorate a milestone event, recognize outstanding achievements, or celebrate the power of gratitude, Gail is here to bring your vision to life. 

Contact Gail Ahlers today to commission your handcrafted awards and appreciation art that will be cherished for years to come.

Ahlers Designs is a certified woman-owned business through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the State of Rhode Island. 

Gail Ahlers is an active member of the local business community and advocates for small businesses.

Enjoy Ahlers’ Designs Unique Commission artworks for corporate clients

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