Winter Farmer’s Market is opening soon.

looking forward to the Winter Farmer's Market in the Hope Artiste Village that starts Saturday November 2nd 9am - 1pm.

looking forward to the Winter Farmer’s Market in the Hope Artiste Village that starts Saturday November 2nd 9am – 1pm.

gailWinter Farmer’s Market is opening soon.

The Empowerment Factory, inside Ahlers Designs

The Empowerment Factory, a space located within Ahlers Designs in Pawtucket, is now renting to inspirational, creative instructors and speakers for conducting workshops, meetings or training sessions. I created “The Empowerment Factory” to expand the reach of my mission, “making art, creating joy and empowering people”. This center combines a variety of excellent teachers, with a unique learning environment. It is helping individuals in our community expand their opportunities through personal and professional growth. We are currently researching what some of the best teaching tools are so we can reach far outside the boarders of Rhode Island. Using Skype and other technology we will be able to provide classes to part of population that has difficulty getting to a normal classroom. Stay tuned for our crowd funding project coming this fall. The first class held here at The Empowerment Factory was a Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) class, a course that examines the relationship between how we think, how we communicate, and our behavioral and emotional patterns. Students learned how to address and eliminate any fears or limiting beliefs they had, improved their communication skills, and ultimately gained the self-confidence needed to live up to their full potential. I often refer to myself as “The Ambassador to Joy”; The Empowerment Factory is a place where people can get the tools to live happier, healthier lives. The space is large enough for 30 people, but specializes in small personalized classes. Located in the Hope Artiste Village, my studio is across the hall from New Harvest Coffee and down the hall from The Bread Lab which offers lots of yummy food. Also having the building so close to RT 95 makes it easy for people from Boston or Rhode Island to attend classes. Check us out, if you are a teacher and want to teach or if you are a person that wants to learn or have fun (we list many of our classes up on Eventbrite).
The Women of NLP

The Women of NLP

gailThe Empowerment Factory, inside Ahlers Designs

PeaceLove – Limited Edition Heart Charm

Introducing the PeaceLove pendant necklace

Introducing the PeaceLove pendant necklace

“You want to give up cause it’s dark

We’re really not that far apart

So let your heart sweetheart be your compass when you’re lost

And you should follow it wherever it may go

When it’s all said and done you can walk instead of run

‘Cause no matter what you’ll never be alone

Never be alone.” ~Lady Antebellum -Compass

PeaceLove Studio’s is a movement of hope and support for the millions impacted by mental illness. “1 in 4 people live with a diagnosable mental illness, but two thirds won’t get the help they need due largely to sigma.” PeaceLove’s mission is to “offer a rallying cry for acceptance and solidarity through creative programs, products, and spaces that celebrate the healing power of art and community.”

In support of this organization, artist Gail Ahlers handcrafted this limited edition PeaceLove Charm. The front of the pendant is her expressive interpretation of the PeaceLove logo, the back of the charm is embossed with their mission – “Peace of Mind, Love in your Heart.”

“Since childhood after school or rainy days were always filled with creative projects and making art with my sisters. Art fed my soul and ignited my imagination, it helped me create a world of self expression.” ~ Gail Ahlers.

Follow your Heart … By wearing PeaceLove merchandise, you will be helping to make positive inroads against the stigma that impacts so many.

Wear as a necklace: Designed to be versatile, its chain has 2 sections. It can be worn as a necklace at its full length of 24”, or shortened by removing a 4” segment.

Use as a Key Chain: The 4” segment by itself makes a great key chain or babble for your backpack.

Limited Edition PeaceLove Heart Charm

Hand-cast pewter, made in Rhode Island

Size: ~About 1” diameter
 with two part silver plated ball-chain:

Overall length = 24” inches

Worn as Pendant = 24” inches

Removable keychain length = 4” inches

When you open your heart you have room for growth and change. Celebrate the healing powers of love expressed through art and give the gift of support by wearing this exquisite hand-crafted PeaceLove Heart Charm made in the USA.

Wear, Share, Experience … To find out more about PeaceLove visit their website. Sharing a story, or experience a PeaceLove Workshop (activities that inspire and heal) – you will be helping to make positive inroads against the stigma that impacts so many.

gailPeaceLove – Limited Edition Heart Charm

Rhode Island Department of Health Challenge Coin


Rhode Island Department of Health …

As the state agency, the Rhode Island Department of Health remains the first line of defense, fighting for the safety, health and wellness for the people of Rhode Island.

Trade Mission to Israel …

During November 2013, Dr. Michael Fine, Director of the RIDH, asked the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation (RIEDC) to develop and coordinate a trade mission to Israel. The mission would be ” … a great opportunity for Rhode Island and Israeli healthcare providers and healthcare-related businesses to exchange ideas and develop joint ventures.” said Dr. Fine.

In the spirit of this collaborative effort, RIEDC commissioned artist Gail Ahlers to create a Challenge Coin as a commemorative gift for the occasion. Made of hand cast pewter this beautiful, unique coin is symbolic of Rhode Island’s focus on increasing RI healthcare and economic growth. It is also emblematic of timeless perseverance. One side of the coin artfully portrays Rhode Island’s anchor seal-a symbol of hope-while the other depicts Israel’s sacred seven-branch menorah, gracefully framed by a laurel.

What are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins have been created and shared in the United States since the early 20th century to build camaraderie and express pride and fellowship. Traditionally used within many military units, Challenge coins are highly valued and kept for a lifetime. Today, their symbolic power has taken hold beyond the military. These coins commemorate a variety of pivotal, historic events, and they embody exceptional American quality and craftsmanship.

To find out more about The Rhode Island Department of Health & CommerceRI (RIEDC), visit their websites.

gailRhode Island Department of Health Challenge Coin

PepsiCo Supports Women in Business

Carol Dougal, Candace Waterman & Hedy Ratner at WBDC w/ artwork by Ahlers Designs

Carol Dougal, Candace Waterman & Hedy Ratner at WBDC w/ artwork by Ahlers Designs

PepsiCo’s Support for Women’s Business Organization Has Real Life Impact- article written by 2/3/14

The Artist

Gail Ahlers believes passionately in what she calls “the sisterhood of prosperity.”

It’s a philosophy the artist and businesswoman from Pawtucket, Rhode Island says allowed her to rethink her approach to business, and to develop and implement a plan that is helping ensure her long-term success.

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Gail started a business, Ahlers Designs, making unique works of sculptural art and gifts from metal, glass, wood and recycled materials. But as an artist who lacked formal business training, Gail’s business journey was more adrift than direct.

“I think differently as an artist than someone who is trained in business and sells insurance,” Gail said. “My artistic skills were sound, but I lacked fundamental business skills and a focused plan to get me where I wanted to be as an artist and a businesswoman.”

All that changed in 2007 when Gail was introduced to the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), a national organization that trains, certifies and advocates on behalf of women-owned businesses.

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

For Gail, WBENC exemplifies her “sisterhood of prosperity” philosophy.

WBENC is the largest third-party certifier of businesses that are 51 percent or more women-owned, controlled and operated in the United States, and “the nation’s leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to America’s corporations.”

According to the WBENC website, the non-profit organization provides certified Women’s Business Enterprises, or WBEs, the training and tools needed “to help grow their ability to better operate their business, grow their capacity to meet corporate needs, and better understand how to compete in a diverse procurement environment.”

Since becoming WBENC-certified, Gail has attended training programs, including an intensive six-day executive training program jointly sponsored by WBENC and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. She has also participated in WBENC national conferences and business fairs, and events and programs sponsored by WBENC’s Regional Partner Organizations.

“I’ve learned something really useful at every event,” said Gail. “And being around women who share information is extremely helpful. I’ve developed lasting friendships with some really talented women who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences to help me succeed.”


Gail met Ricardo Barrientos, of PepsiCo, at a conference in Chicago in early 2012. Ricardo, who is responsible for PepsiCo’s supplier diversity programs, is a regular attendee at WBENC conferences and business fairs, which provide corporations an opportunity to network with women entrepreneurs.

WBENC and PepsiCo have a long history together. PepsiCo was a founding corporate member of WBENC in 1997, and has continued to support the organization and its regional partners across the United States.

“Gail approached me at the PepsiCo booth and said she was working on a special presentation for WBENC using recycled Pepsi cans,” said Ricardo. “She said she was doing the project as a gift to WBENC to show her appreciation for all it has done to help her grow and develop as an artist and businesswoman.

“Gail said her association with WBENC has been life-changing,” said Ricardo. “It helped define her niche in the marketplace, and provided her with the skills and confidence necessary to successfully promote her talents. I told Gail that PepsiCo would help promote her project once it was presented to WBENC.”

The Art

Gail presented her art sculpture, “Celebrating Women in Business,” to WBENC during a national conference in the spring of 2013. Later that year, WBENC commissioned Gail to create two sculptures that were presented to the co-founders of the Women’s Business Development Center in Chicago to thank them for 27 years of dedicated service to women entrepreneurs. (All of these sculptures used recycled Pepsi cans.)

“Gail’s art is an excellent example of the ‘out of the box’ innovation WBENC WBEs can provide to our constituent base,” said Candace Waterman, chief of staff of WBENC Certification and Program Operations.

“Gail’s 360 approach and creativity produced a piece that is representative of the relationship between PepsiCo, WBDC-Chicago and WBENC. I was more than honored to present it to the WBDC-Chicago co-founders,” she said.

Learn more about Gail Ahlers and WBENC.

gailPepsiCo Supports Women in Business

PeaceLove Studios Grand Opening Art Show

Gail's Artwork at PeaceLove Studios

Gail’s Artwork at PeaceLove Studios

When they asked me to be one of the artists in the PeaceLove Studios Art Show, without hesitation I know I wanted to do it. All the proceeds from this event goes to support their arts programs with war Veterans. My dad was a decorated war veteran that fought in France in World War 2. Like many he was the kind of guy that never spoke about the war. To my dad Sargent Richard Ahlers & many like him, Thank You.

What is PeaceLove … PeaceLove is a movement of hope and support for the millions impacted by mental illness. “1 in 4 people live with a diagnosable mental illness, but two thirds won’t get the help they need due largely to sigma.” PeaceLove’s mission is to “offer a rallying cry for acceptance and solidarity through creative programs, products, and spaces that celebrate the healing power of art and community.”

The Grand Opening Gallery Show will feature the artwork of 40 artists from across the country to be a part of this art show “Create Peace of Mind”. The finished Skateboards will be displayed and for sale during the event.

Skateboard as Canvas … As one of the artists participating in the Skateboard Art Show, I was very excited to get my hands and imagination started in making art that encourages peace of mind. Each artist was asked to submit a short statement of what brings them peace of mind, for me “being surrounded by nature, following my inner voice to create art, manifesting joy and happiness is what gives me peace of mind.”

My Skateboard expresses this through the organic free flowing design of vine, leaves and flowers that was done with a wood-burning tool. The leaves were hand painted and the flowers were overlaid with 23k gold foil.

The flowers were created from brass bullet casings that I split open, cut and formed into open blossoms adorned with genuine cultured pearls, symbolizing beauty derived from overcoming adversity.

100% of proceeds from sale of artwork and Alex and Ani “Peace of Mind” Bracelet, will support expressive arts programming for Veterans with PTSD.

Invitation To … The Grand Opening launch party celebrates PeaceLove’s new space in the Hope Artiste Village.

WHEN: February 13th

WHERE: 999 Main St., Studio 704, Pawtucket, RI (Hope Artiste Village)


Live music, food and drink.

With three simple words … Wear, Share, Experience – PeaceLove breaks down societal stigma associated with mental illness. By wearing PeaceLove Merchandise, sharing a story that connects to mental illness, or experiencing a PeaceLove Workshop (activities that inspire and heal) – you will be helping to make positive inroads against the stigma that impacts so many.

To find out more about PeaceLove, visit their website and join movement!

gailPeaceLove Studios Grand Opening Art Show

Social Media Club Providence Meeting

Social Media Club Providence

Social Media Club Providence

Social Media Club, Providence Chapter – Invitation to Join the Fun.

We would like to extend a very special invite to become a member of the Social Media Club, Providence Chapter. Through this organization we hope to empower entrepreneurs, students and local businesses to learn proper protocol and best practices using social media.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 29 @ 6:00 – 8:00 PM, 401.365.1010

WHERE: Ahlers Designs Studio, 999 Main St., Studio 707, Pawtucket (located in Hope Artiste Village)

Pizza & Lite Refreshments

Please, it is very important that you RSVP through Meetup, so we will have enough Pizza for all.

A think tank, a resource for learning, a platform for teaching, a community of change agents? Learn how you and your company, or non profit, can benefit from being a participating member of the Social Media Club.

As your co-Leaders, JoAnn & Lefebvre Gail Ahlers (We need to build a BOD, let us know if you’re interested), our mission for the club is to provide a local resource for education, a platform for speakers, and a core network of socialists who can help each other solve problems, as well as contribute to further development of the media.

As we grow locally we will also be able to tap into professional and financial resources available to official chapters of the global Social Media Club.

Come join us in this exciting venture and valuable resource for learning, networking, and community spirit. Visit us on Facebook and Become a member, Be sure to choose the Providence Chapter when you sign up.

Please share with friends who have an interest in social marketing, social for good, personal branding, analytics, or setting up their first Facebook page. We will be covering it all!

Look forward to connecting with you! Gail Ahlers & JoAnn Lefebvre … Partners in crime & community building!



[email protected]

adminSocial Media Club Providence Meeting

Commissioned artwork celebrating Collette’s people

Custom Appreciation artwork by Gail Ahlers for Collette

Custom Appreciation artwork by Gail Ahlers for Collette

One of our recent commissioned artwork projects was to create appreciation artwork for Collette. These pieces are awarded to exiting board of directors and employees that have worked there 20 years or more. It is no wonder that with this kind of investment into their people Collette was recognized by Providence Business News as one of the best places to work in Rhode Island in 2013. By planning and presenting this award, Collette shows that they deeply value and honor their people that have encouraged the success and prosperity of the company, expressing a world of gratitude and appreciation.

“Guided by Travel” is their motto, offering guided travel to all seven continents for the past 95 years! From the first small motorcar touring company, to the inspirational three-day mystery tours, Collette developed an exquisite sensibility in delivering wonder and delight into people’s lives, as shown here in their video:

Ahlers Designs custom designed this award, crafted from reclaimed, and recycled materials. This piece illustrates their logo colors of blue and green, highlighting one of Collette’s key destinations – Ireland. The blue is represented with blue flax flowers and the green with Shamrocks; both plants readily distinguished as Irish symbols. The flowers & shamrocks are made of recycled cans from Rhode Island’s local Narragansett Brewery. From the back of the artwork you can see the green shamrocks are Narragansett Bock Lager cans, and blue flax flowers are Narragansett Cream Ale.

This is the second year we have created these awards for Collette, but this year celebrated one person for 50 years. To make that award extra special we added real 23k gold leaf on an additional inner flower with a genuine cultured pearl placed in each flower center. The pearls represent beautiful things that can come from overcoming difficult situations, ( Just ask any clam and they will tell you. )

Ahlers Designs creates singular works of appreciation art to commemorate milestone events in people’s lives. We make one-of-a-kind works of art that will be admired and treasured for generations. My passion is making art, creating joy and empowering people.

Find out about more exciting things we are up to by liking us on Facebook or follow us on twitter @GailAhlers.

adminCommissioned artwork celebrating Collette’s people

Huge Ahlers Designs sale during the Wintertime Farmer’s Market at Hope Artiste Village

    The Wintertime Farmers Market at Hope Artiste Village is in full swing and Ahler’s Designs is a part of it! Other local booths include 7 Star Bakery, Humble Pie Co., Wishing Stone Farm, Matunuck Oyster Bar and much more!. Farm fresh vegetables, baked goods, fresh seafood and meats, fresh dairy, pies and that’s just to start. Everything you need for the holiday season. Local and seasonal foods are still plentiful and delicious in the fall and winter.    

7 Star Bakery IMG_0172[1]IMG_0188[1]


The farmer’s market is open Wednesday Night 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. and Saturday mornings 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. This season goes all the way up until May 17, 2014 so spread the word!  

Don’t forget to stop by at Ahlers Designs and pick up some gifts for your family and friends. Our huge holiday sale and open studio happens every Saturday morning 9 a.m.-1 p.m.! Made from recycled materials, our gifts such as mirror compacts, business card cases, pocket angels, and frames are great stocking stuffers for the holidays. These incredibly amazing deals won’t last long so get them while you can. Maybe even snag a picture with the designer Gail Ahlers like this lucky customer did!  


Follow us on Twitter @GailAhlers or find us on Facebook at Ahlers Designs!

gailHuge Ahlers Designs sale during the Wintertime Farmer’s Market at Hope Artiste Village