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AIPSO is a national organization that serves the automobile insurance industry by responding to the needs of various residual market groups. Working in partnership with these groups, AIPSO plays an important role in making automobile insurance available to many who are unable to purchase in the elective market.

AIPSO employs nearly 330 employees, and they value and listen to their people, infusing a great company culture that translates to a top quality workforce driven by collaboration, loyalty, and family commitment.  To recognize and honor their dedicated workforce, AIPSO has instituted a strong companywide recognition program that celebrates length of service and commemorates outstanding work performance.

For their Years of Service program, Ahlers designed a solid pewter star magnet that the recipient would be able to proudly display on a personalized office magnet board. Each star proclaimed the anniversary year and was beautifully enhanced with a Swarovski crystal. At each milestone, a different color stone was selected.

The Star of Service is a wonderfully sincere way for a company to acknowledge and celebrate an employee anniversary, and expresses their appreciation and gratitude for this special occasion.

Employee recognition is a vital part of AIPSO. Recognizing and supporting the contributions of their employees is what has helped define company culture and promote an awesome work environment.

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