The seat of Commissioners for the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission was formed in 1942 by the 15 member states for which the ASMFC represents. These states recognized that they would accomplish more working as a unified team with a collective mission–to protect and manage marine fisheries along the Atlantic seaboard.   As a tribute to their years of dedicated and resolute service, the ASMFC approached artist Gail Ahlers, to design and craft a commemorative pin to honor the Commissioners of the ASMFC.   Made of solid 14k Gold, Sterling Silver, or Bronze–the custom handcrafted lapel pin portrays a century’s old mariner symbol, the Compass Rose.  The compass is an indispensable instrument, a seafarers guiding beacon to stay on course and find their way home. It is the perfect emblem to recognize and celebrate the tireless efforts of the ASMFC Commissioners. Ahlers Designs creates artwork to commemorate milestone events in people’s lives. We combine artistic sensibility and business acumen to create one-of-a-kind, works of art that will be admired and treasured for generations.

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gailAtlantic States Marine Fisheries’ Commission – Lapel Pin