Gurnet Consulting


gurnet4r_600x722@72Since 1999, Gurnet Consulting has distinguished itself as the go-to advising agency, specializing in project management solutions for top businesses across New England. Being employee-owned and operated, Gurnet prizes a thriving corporate culture and understands just how critical it is to their success.

When Gurnet decided to take their strategic partners appreciation to the next level, they commissioned Ahlers Designs to custom design the 4R Awards. The challenge: honor Gurnet’s high-performing consultants and create a three dimensional representation of the company’s core “R” values: Reputation, Referrals, Relationships, and Results.

Here at Ahlers Designs, we love discussing ideas with clients and brainstorming the perfect sculptural representation of a unique message, culture, and mission.

 With Gurnet’s people-first approach in mind, I designed a standing sculpture of a “4” and an “R,” which I wrought in fine stainless steel and coated with a sleek satin finish. After constructing bases of reclaimed lumber for the sculptures, I then attached each one with two custom plaques: one proclaiming Gurnet’s core values, and the other proudly bearing the name of the honoree.

During the design and creation process, I found myself reflecting on the meaning behind these awards. Gurnet’s core values are significant workplace motivators, but they also serve as invigorating reminders that opportunities for excellence, innovation, and leadership present themselves in countless situations—both large and small. Indeed, the sky is the limit!

Rhode Island State Council on the Arts


RISCA_600x722@72 copyChampioning the arts. Bolstering artists. Cultivating a vibrant creative ecology in Rhode Island. That’s what the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA) accomplishes on a daily basis from their office in the State House on Capitol Hill. While their game-changing work reaches across state lines, it has also made quite the splash overseas.

 When RISCA established a high-level outreach trade operation with Japan—a country boasting a vibrant culture that deeply values giving and receiving gifts—it sought a work of art marking the landmark event. A piece honoring their Japanese partners while imbuing the partnership with an unforgettable sense of ceremony.

 At Ahlers Designs, our fine art works are fueled by our commitment to celebration, joy, and honor. When RISCA recognized its mission in our own, it commissioned a custom Challenge coin—a distinctly American commemorative object that has been used since the 20th century to build camaraderie and express fellowship.

With my keen attention to RISCA’s message and my understanding of the partnership’s cultural and economic significance, I set about designing a custom Challenge coins that display RISCA’s logo on one side and the Rhode Island State Seal on the other.

These custom cast pewter coins accentuate the blue-ribbon American quality and craftsmanship that Ahlers Designs is known for, but they also convey so much more: the value of promoting excellence in the arts.

Randall Rosenbaum, Executive Director of RISCA, commended Ahlers Designs on its ability to create art that exemplifies timeless beauty and the power of the arts economy.

 “I believe the quality of work helped to show my Japanese partners that we are an agency that honors craftsmanship,” said Mr. Rosenbaum. “This will aid in our work to deepen and broaden relationships with potential collaborators in Japan and elsewhere.”

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