Mothers Day Gift Ideas at Ahlers Designs

Mothers Day Gift Ideas at Ahlers Designs

Mothers Day, the second Sunday in May is a national holiday, celebrating mothers and all that they do for us.

The original idea for Mothers Day in the United States was not actually a day for celebrating mothers.  It was a day which was organized by an Appalachian homemaker named Anna Jarvis. Anna’s intention was to bring awareness to poor health conditions in her community. She called this day “Mothers Work Day” because she believed that mothers would best be able to advocate the awareness of these poor health conditions.

Anna’s selflessness is a prime example of why we honor mothers around the nation. A mother is a person whose love for her children drives her to put herself aside to focus on her family. A mother prides herself on the upbringing of her children.  A mother’s efforts and selflessness are often overlooked, yet this is still ok with her because her appreciation is in knowing that she has taken the best possible care of her family.  A mother is a person who thinks about her children every day. It’s for this very reason that we celebrate Mothers Day.

How often is it that Mothers Day arrives without us even realizing it? Let’s think about how we honor our Moms, very often we honor mothers in a repetitive fashion. At the last minute, without much thought, we grab what we believe to be her favorite flower bouquet and a popular box of sweet chocolate on the way to visit with her for an hour.

Mothers Day is just around the corner. This year for all that your mother does for you; why not celebrate Mothers Day by stepping out of the usual flower and chocolate routine. Stop to take just a moment to add a creative touch and honor your mother with a gift that is both elegant and practical.

Seen in the images above, Gail Ahlers of Ahlers designs has created a wonderful variety of <a href="">gifts for Mom</a> that you can choose from.  These gifts will add both a unique and personal touch to the gift that you choose to present to your Mother with on Mothers Day. These gifts can be created around the hobbies and interests of your mother. Mom is sure to place extra value on such a gift because it will tell her that you do know and love her.

The thought that you put into choosing a gift from the Ahlers gift collection will leave a lasting impression on your mother because it will show your mother the levels of appreciation that you have for her and all that she does for you.

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