Classic Cars – Vintage Cars, I love things that are made of metal

I love tools, I love machines, I love metal. Yesterday I was at one of my vendors and the owner of this particular machine shop had just received his classic car back from having the interior upholstery finished. It was beautiful. Can you say "mint condition". I mean it. The way the polished metal bumpers gleamed. I love these cars because they are beautifully designed. If I had my choice I would have my company car be a vintage car. Unfortunately I need to haul a whole bunch of stuff around so my van that can carry a 4' x 8' sheet of wood or metal is safe. It is doing it's job, but it is no classic car.

I think the best way to describe a vintage car is that I think they are sexy.

While I was there my friend showed me how to get to the gas tank . You press a button on and the left rear taillight lifts up to give you access. Very Cool. Now that is classy design. I love classic cars because they are from a time when craftsmanship was important. Things were built to last. Here are a few photos of accessing the gas tank and a couple of our unique gift ideas for classic car lovers. Enjoy.

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adminClassic Cars – Vintage Cars, I love things that are made of metal

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