Friends, Love & Shoes…What else does a girl really need?

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Simple Custom Shoe Creation

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love shoes. I am blessed with a 6/12/-7 shoe which means I can usually get shoes on sale. I have always loved shoes. Once I had a roommate and she had size 6 1/2 and we shared our shoes- wow what a collection that was. Emelda Marcos move over.

Recently one of my friends was invited to wedding. She did not know what she was going to wear to the wedding. She was in a panic. I love this women and tried to calm her fears by getting her to take it one step at a time. We decided that she should go home and assess her options. She went home and tried on the various outfits and found one she liked. OK, so now she was not so worried about the event.

Once we knew what she would wear we proceeded to the accessories. She did not have matching shoes. Again I could see the anxiety in her eyes. I sent her home again to find shoes that fit her well, that were comfortable. She came back with gray pair of shoes.

This is where the fun begins. I took the gray shoes painted them with a mixture of really fine black sparkles and black paint. Then I gave the heals a second coat with just the sparkles. The next step was the front ornaments for the shoes. I took a couple of components that had Swarovski Crystals in them that I got at a craft store and hot glued them on the tops of the shoes.

But then I decided to send this friend to the event with more than just the shoes. I wrote two poems. I wrote them on the bottom of each shoe sole. Vahhh laa.. ….Cinderella was ready for the ball. She was well dressed and had more than an angel in her pocket. She had great shoes.

Friends, Love & Shoes. What else does a girl really need?

adminFriends, Love & Shoes…What else does a girl really need?

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