PeaceLove Studios Grand Opening Art Show

Gail's Artwork at PeaceLove Studios

Gail’s Artwork at PeaceLove Studios

When they asked me to be one of the artists in the PeaceLove Studios Art Show, without hesitation I know I wanted to do it. All the proceeds from this event goes to support their arts programs with war Veterans. My dad was a decorated war veteran that fought in France in World War 2. Like many he was the kind of guy that never spoke about the war. To my dad Sargent Richard Ahlers & many like him, Thank You.

What is PeaceLove … PeaceLove is a movement of hope and support for the millions impacted by mental illness. “1 in 4 people live with a diagnosable mental illness, but two thirds won’t get the help they need due largely to sigma.” PeaceLove’s mission is to “offer a rallying cry for acceptance and solidarity through creative programs, products, and spaces that celebrate the healing power of art and community.”

The Grand Opening Gallery Show will feature the artwork of 40 artists from across the country to be a part of this art show “Create Peace of Mind”. The finished Skateboards will be displayed and for sale during the event.

Skateboard as Canvas … As one of the artists participating in the Skateboard Art Show, I was very excited to get my hands and imagination started in making art that encourages peace of mind. Each artist was asked to submit a short statement of what brings them peace of mind, for me “being surrounded by nature, following my inner voice to create art, manifesting joy and happiness is what gives me peace of mind.”

My Skateboard expresses this through the organic free flowing design of vine, leaves and flowers that was done with a wood-burning tool. The leaves were hand painted and the flowers were overlaid with 23k gold foil.

The flowers were created from brass bullet casings that I split open, cut and formed into open blossoms adorned with genuine cultured pearls, symbolizing beauty derived from overcoming adversity.

100% of proceeds from sale of artwork and Alex and Ani “Peace of Mind” Bracelet, will support expressive arts programming for Veterans with PTSD.

Invitation To … The Grand Opening launch party celebrates PeaceLove’s new space in the Hope Artiste Village.

WHEN: February 13th

WHERE: 999 Main St., Studio 704, Pawtucket, RI (Hope Artiste Village)


Live music, food and drink.

With three simple words … Wear, Share, Experience – PeaceLove breaks down societal stigma associated with mental illness. By wearing PeaceLove Merchandise, sharing a story that connects to mental illness, or experiencing a PeaceLove Workshop (activities that inspire and heal) – you will be helping to make positive inroads against the stigma that impacts so many.

To find out more about PeaceLove, visit their website and join movement!

gailPeaceLove Studios Grand Opening Art Show

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