The Golden Bra Award- Ahlers Designs for Bust Magazine

In Celebration of BUST Magazines 20th Anniversary Extravaganza, Artist, Gail Ahlers of Ahlers Designs, was commissioned to design and create The BUST Golden Bra Sculptures. Awards will be presented at their NY Gala, July 25th at the Bell House, in recognition of all those audacious ladies of moxie extraordinaire.

Since 1993, BUST has been publishing in rhapsodic delight of girl culture on the cutting edge. BUST magazine is a powerhouse of Whimsical, Serious, Laugh-out-loud, and Impassioned contemporary women’s lit, becoming an icon for the “proud to be female” campaign: raw and uncensored in all its glory.

The award sculpture is fashioned as a vintage “Madonna” brassiere, cast of pewter with gold plating, and mounted on a custom base of recycled lumber.

Receiving the Golden Bra Award will be trailblazing women such as, Gloria Steinem, Kathleen Hanna, Amber Tamblyn, Lizz Winstead, and Jean Grae! Ahlers Designs for Bust Magazine Golden Bra Award

Ahlers Designs and the art of recognition are at the heart of every project. Our original works of art and commemorative gifts are designed specifically to support and illustrate your branding – accentuating each organization’s unique culture and mission. We help celebrate your people and make you memorable.

Ahlers Designs helps your celebrate and motivate your people. With purpose and impact, our art of recognition process is inspired by your mission, core values and industry. My commissioned artwork and unique gifts is an investment toward building a prosperous workplace that honors individuals and community.

Take a look at our Facebook and Twitter page for pictures of the final piece and candid shots from the party! Ahlers Designs (Facebook)

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gailThe Golden Bra Award- Ahlers Designs for Bust Magazine

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