The Golden Bra Award- Ahlers Designs for Bust Magazine

In Celebration of BUST Magazines 20th Anniversary Extravaganza, Artist, Gail Ahlers of Ahlers Designs, was commissioned to design and create The BUST Golden Bra Sculptures. Awards will be presented at their NY Gala, July 25th at the Bell House, in recognition of all those audacious ladies of moxie extraordinaire.

Since 1993, BUST has been publishing in rhapsodic delight of girl culture on the cutting edge. BUST magazine is a powerhouse of Whimsical, Serious, Laugh-out-loud, and Impassioned contemporary women’s lit, becoming an icon for the “proud to be female” campaign: raw and uncensored in all its glory.

The award sculpture is fashioned as a vintage “Madonna” brassiere, cast of pewter with gold plating, and mounted on a custom base of recycled lumber.

Receiving the Golden Bra Award will be trailblazing women such as, Gloria Steinem, Kathleen Hanna, Amber Tamblyn, Lizz Winstead, and Jean Grae! Ahlers Designs for Bust Magazine Golden Bra Award

Ahlers Designs and the art of recognition are at the heart of every project. Our original works of art and commemorative gifts are designed specifically to support and illustrate your branding – accentuating each organization’s unique culture and mission. We help celebrate your people and make you memorable.

Ahlers Designs helps your celebrate and motivate your people. With purpose and impact, our art of recognition process is inspired by your mission, core values and industry. My commissioned artwork and unique gifts is an investment toward building a prosperous workplace that honors individuals and community.

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gailThe Golden Bra Award- Ahlers Designs for Bust Magazine

Bust Magazine 20th Anniversary- The Bust Golden Bra Awards

20th Anniversary Extravaganza

20th Anniversary Extravaganza

Follow along with Ahlers Designs latest project, “The Bust Golden Bra Awards.”

The Bust Golden Bra Awards are being created for Bust Magazine 20th Anniversary Extravaganza, happening on July 25th at The Bell House, in Brooklyn, New York.

These awards handcrafted by Ahlers Designs own, Gail Ahlers, will be presented at the extravaganza to trailblazing women such as, Gloria Steinem!

Be sure to check back to see the finished product along with pictures of the empowering women that receive this spectacular award!

gailBust Magazine 20th Anniversary- The Bust Golden Bra Awards

Mother’s Day Sale to Benefit Animal Rescue at Ahlers Designs


Big Mother’s Day Sale at Ahlers Designs Studio To Benefit PARL: Providence Animal Rescue League. Saturday May 11th 9 am to 2 pm

Hope Artiste Village – enter at 999 Main Street, Studio 707, Pawtucket, RI. Call us if you have any questions at 401.365.1010

Great gifts for Mom, Mirror Compacts, Jewelry, Handmade Flowers, Magnets and more. Get your PET’s picture taken by professional photographer Gail Claypool for only $8.00 ( all money goes to PARL)

Enter to Win special door prices.

*GNC Women’s Health Gift Basket with Daisy Compact Mirror, Valued @ $125.00

*Cross Billfold Card Case Wallet, Valued @ $80.00

*Family Activity Pack that includes:

· A Family Pass to RISD Museum of Art,

· 2 Tickets to the Roger Williams Park Zoo, and

· 3 Ahlers Designs Clip-Magnets,

· Value – Priceless!

gailMother’s Day Sale to Benefit Animal Rescue at Ahlers Designs

Celebrating Women in Business- WBENC Indiegogo Project

wbenc_award_proposalThis is a win win. You can get your name on the frame, you can get your name in Women’s Enterprise Magazine, you can be celebrated in Social Media. You can get a handcrafted brooch all this while helping me say thank you to WBENC.

I have 53 more days to get the funding to make this big THANK YOU gifts to WBENC.

This photo above is a prototype of an original artwork that is being commissioned by people like you. Designed by artist, Gail Ahlers and made from steel, reclaimed lumber, recycled soda cans, and detailed with eco friendly paint.

It will be 34 ” wide by 28″ high and once completed this beautiful wall sculpture will be presented in recognition to WBENC [Women’s Business Enterprise National Council] this June, at the National and held in appreciation from all the pioneering and trailblazing women of business.

We need your help, levels of giving start at only $25.00. click here to go to the “Celebrating women in Business” project on indiegogo.

Celebrate with us, and share this with your friends and family. Give your daughters, sisters, mother, or friends the belief that if they can dream it, they can make it happen by reaching out and working together.

Believe in the Sisterhood of Prosperity.

Check out our Youtube video WBENC Indiegogo Video

gailCelebrating Women in Business- WBENC Indiegogo Project

Art Connection Rhode Island – Iona Dobbins Awards

Celebrating its second year anniversary, Art Connection – Rhode Islands’ primary mission is to connect artist and donors to community service organizations through the placement of original artwork. By facilitating this exchange, Art Connection – RI hopes to propagate the joy art brings to people’s lives.

“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Bringing art to life! Viewing paintings and sculpture in a museum is a fine way to pass an afternoon, however, taking art and transforming a room into an inviting, inspiring, and affecting environment for the living of everyday people is the true calling of artistic expression. Instilling a meaningful purpose to objects of art that moves beyond the static exhibition and into a dynamic vitality.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” ~ Pablo Picasso

In celebration of their 2nd Anniversary, three distinguished members of the Rhode Island arts community will be presented with The Iona Dobbins Award. Designer, Gail Ahlers, is proud to have been commissioned by Art Connection -RI, to design and craft their custom awards from recycled and sustainable materials. As Gail’s personal mission is to create joy, Ahlers Designs expressly aligns itself with Art Connections’ worthy purpose of art bringing joy to people’s lives.

“It is hard work and great art to make life not so serious.” ~John Irving

Iona Dobbins Awards

Iona Dobbins Awards

gailArt Connection Rhode Island – Iona Dobbins Awards

RI Free Clinic honors dedicated volunteer with custom award from Ahlers Designs

The Rhode Island Free Clinic, established in 1999, has instituted a statewide network of dedicated medical volunteers, working in conjunction with academic, medical, and community partners, to provide free comprehensive medical care to the uninsured, and low-income adults of Rhode Island.

Tomorrow October 10th, 2012 the Free Clinic will honor Dr. Gus Manacchia for being an extremely dedicated volunteer since 2005, having contributed more than 400 hours of his time to care for patience and also serving as a member of the Medical Advisory Committee. He has been a tireless advocate for the Clinic and the working poor in Rhode island.

Artist Gail Ahlers, created this custom award from assorted materials including reclaimed lumber, and recycled materials using caps from pill containers from CVS. Each CVS cap signifies the many ways he has helped his patients both large and small. Touching each life with compassion, understanding, and guidance. Such dedicated services toward health and wellness have improved the quality of life for countless individuals.

Ahlers Designs takes great pride to have been commissioned by the Rhode Island Free Clinic to custom design this award given in recognition and with sincerest thanks. At Ahlers Designs, “The art of recognition” is at the heart of every project. We custom design awards and executive gifts that accentuate your organization’s unique culture, mission and industry. We make you memorable.

gailRI Free Clinic honors dedicated volunteer with custom award from Ahlers Designs

Homecoming for Miss USA, Awarded the Key to the City.

July 6th 2012, and it is a steamy hot day in Rhode Island. But that did not wilt any of the enthusiasm for the City of Cranston. Today they honor and welcome home the newly crowned Miss USA 2012 – Olivia Culpo.


To celebrate this auspicious occasion, Ahlers Designs crafted a Custom Pewter Ceremonial Key, Made in Rhode Island and cast from reclaimed pewter. The Honorable Allan W. Fung, Mayor of Cranston, ceremonially presented the Key to the City to the lovely talented 20-year-old cellist from Rhode Island.


The observance and ritual of presenting Ceremonial Keys may be traced back to medieval history, when cities were fortified by stone ramparts and locked gates. Hence, providing someone with a key of entry was recognition of high honor and trust. Today, by awarding such a prize, the city official symbolically places the city at their disposal and may be considered one of the highest honors a nonmilitary civilian may achieve.


In acceptance, the accomplished and beautiful Miss Culpo places no secret of her love toward her hometown, exclaiming she is first and foremost, a Cranston girl. Openly expressing deep appreciation for the warm-hearted welcome and celebration from her hometown, Miss Culpo brings pride and esteem to the state of Rhode Island.


Ahlers Designs takes great pleasure to have been included in this gala by designing this unique gift, the Key to the City, commemorating this occasion with admiration and home coming to Miss USA 2012, Olivia Culpo. Brava!


Ahlers Designs’ mission is to provide organizations, associations, and individuals with custom gifts and awards that connect and value personnel, strategic partners, and community. We are passionate about creating unique gifts and top-quality products. We provide individualized attention to design, product development, and collaboration. Our top priority is to provide unparalleled client support from the beginning of an idea to the completion of a project.

gailHomecoming for Miss USA, Awarded the Key to the City.

Making lemons into gold

Entrepreneurial Badges for the girl scouts.

Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur, which can be defined as "one who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods"

Some of you might have already heard of or experienced the Lemonade Stand Game. To experience what it would mean to be an entrepreneur and take on the challenge of being your own boss.

A friend asked me if I would meet with her daughter’s Girl Scout troop for their entrepreneurial badge. Being an entrepreneur and having been a girl scout myself I gladly agreed. The girls arrived at Ahlers Designs promptly and we began our journey into entrepreneurship and how it would apply to their lives and future plans.

I explained that an entrepreneur is someone that starts a company based on something that they love to do, or they have an innovative approach to some market that already exists, or have an idea for a new market.

We reviewed the ideas of focusing on your skills and customer service.To make is real for them I titled the session” How to run your lemonade stand.”We went around the room and I asked them what they loved to do.

Then we went around and I asked them had they ever had a lemonade stand and we started the discussion about what you need to run that “lemonade company”.  The first girl said you need lemons and sugar.  The next girl said, “ you need lemonade mix.”  That made my point. How you run your business, using different approaches, innovative solutions, that is what makes an entrepreneur.

After much discussion I went around the room and asked the girls to name their company. I told them, “ to make it happen you have to see it”. When the young lady that had said she like to write music said her company was gong to be called “Motivational Music” I got goose bumps.

We are all on our journey. We need to inspire and motivate our youth to dream and build a better world for all of us.


gailMaking lemons into gold

RI Food Fights, The great cup cake championship


Ahlers Designs was proud and inspired to be asked to make the awards for the premiere event of the RI Food Fights, The great cup cake championship. this event will take place today at The Spot Underground. I am looking forward to tasting the tasty treats. 


RI FOOD FIGHTS is excited to remind everyone that Save Chocolateville will be on hand with their incredible Garrison chocolate bars for sale. All proceeds go to children in need in Central Falls, RI. Thanks to Mike Ritz, founder of Save Chocolateville and our co-host and Andrew Shotts, owner of Garrison's and head juror in today's competition. — with Mike Ritz and Andrew Shotts.
adminRI Food Fights, The great cup cake championship