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Ahlers Designs is excited to be working with environmentally conscious companies and organizations. We were recently commissioned to create awards for the New England Women in Energy & the Environment (NEWIEE) first annual awards Gala. The line up for the event was impressive, notable women from several facets of the sustainability spectrum accepted awards from the organization.The NEWIEE Awards Gala was held at the College Club of Boston, which is the oldest women’s college club in the United States. The Club’s Victorian brownstone was a beautiful place for the event to take place.  All of these women shared in common a passion for the environment, as innovators in their fields as professional women.

Our specialty at Ahlers Designs is creating custom gifts and awards that embody the spirit of the organization commissioning the piece. We do this, using materials relevant to the industry of customer. The awards designed for the NEWIEE event, do just that, the leaves represent new energy and growth. The award is constructed from natural and recycled materials. Ahlers Designs looks forward to incorporating new green technologies to add to the dynamism to the awards we create.  We are currently researching the use of solar energy elements to create

Ahlers Designs has been making awards out of reclaimed lumber for a number of years. Repurposing materials for a creative end is a passion of artist Gail Ahlers. We were recommended by one the award recipients, Karen L. Weber to be commissioned to make this year’s NEWIEE awards. We met Karen at the Boston Women’s Business Expo in early December of last year. Dr. Karen Weber is the executive director of Foundation for a Green Future, Inc. and the coordinator for Boston’s GreenFest, we look forward to joining her at GreenFest this year.

At Ahlers Designs we make awards that incorporate the fundamental attributes of the organization commissioning the work. Our work often includes elements directly relevant to the industry we are serving, this means our awards can have elements ranging from building materials, to plastic pellets. It gives us a creative edge that translates into a significant statement. 

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The NEWIEE Project by Ahlers Designs!

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Cherry Blossom Custom Gift

The celebration of the blossoming cherry blossom trees is a tradition started in Japan that has carried over to the U.S. as a celebration marking the beginning of spring. Historically, the first cherry blossom trees were brought over as a peace offering to the United States from Japan in 1912. While the timing of the annual cherry blossom festival is somewhat inopportune in the wake of current events, perhaps it provides the perfect silver lining in this challenging time. The effects of the catastrophe are being felt in the U.S. as well, and many organizations are rallying resources together to help turn the cherry blossom festivities into a fundraising opportunity for the relief efforts being made overseas.

Just five days after the earthquake in Japan, Gail Ahlers of Ahlers Designs had the opportunity to go to the Japanese Consulate with Bob Billington, Sunny Ng and Loius Yip. In honor of the meeting Gail was commissioned by Bob Billington to design a gift for Takeshi Hikihara to symbolize the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council’s solidarity and support during this international crisis. The case was accompanied by the following message:

This box combines wood, 24k gold leaf and recycled metal. Each flower is hand formed and painted to resemble a genuine cherry blossom. At the center of each handcrafted flower is a cultured pearl. The pearl represents the beauty that can manifest from difficult and irritating situations.

The gift was well received, reaffirming the fundamental belief at Ahlers Designs, that meaningful gifts matter. You can learn more about Ahlers Designs custom design work at

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Ahlers Designs at the National Museum for Women in the Arts

One of twenty five women that was invited to participate in the show at the National Museum for Women in the Arts, called Celebrate the Season. I went down to Washington to get more exposure for Ahlers Designs, so that all the companies that I met with down there would know that we create custom gifts and awards, for corporations and individuals. While I was there I met a couple of other women who also have WBENC certified companies, which was fun and exciting. A funny thing that happened while I was down there, a man had purchased gifts for all of his staff. The next day he returned to do some more Holiday shopping with his wife. He pointed out the gifts he had purchased and his wife turned to him and said, " That's great, but doesn't that magnet look familiar?" It turns out that she had purchased the very same clip magnet at one of our stores in the area, Appalachian Spring.

gailAhlers Designs at the National Museum for Women in the Arts

Ahlers Designs featured as WBE of the month

About Ahlers Designs

Ahlers Designs provides corporations and individuals with innovative gift solutions, offering high quality executive gifts and awards. Our pieces are designed by Gail Ahlers, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, and are hand crafted in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. We work with you to create one-of-a-kind gifts or items in large quantity, taking into consideration your industry, lead time and budget to produce stunning results.

Ahlers Designs blends innovative and traditional techniques to produce artisan, functional pieces that make meaningful moments memorable.
In conjunction with custom work, Ahlers Designs offers a ready-to-order gift collection, encompassing a variety of themes. These products are easily personalized with engraving, custom cards and packaging. View our open gift collection at

Whether your needs are for clients, employees, special events, or the people in your "C" suite, we look forward to being your one-stop source for all of your gift solutions.


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• Annual Awards
• Employee Motivations
• Branding
• Anniversaries
• Golf Tournament Gifts
• Executive Gifts & Gifts for the "C" Suite
• Holiday Gifts

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Gail on Rhode Bytes

Gail was recently on Rhode Bytes, a local reality comedy show that airs on NBC 10.

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Better Self Care for Busy People

Practicing self care. It is hard to fit into a busy schedule and it seems we are all busy. Last fall I had an marketing intern named Micheal Rice. He was a very hard working intern and has since gone on to get a good job in NYC. One day Micheal brought in a can of flavored seltzer. We have a fridge at Ahlers Designs and always keep cold beverages for all of the staff. I personally have been know to consume great amounts of Coke Cola. Well I tried the seltzer and really liked it. Drinking seltzer is a better choice, it is part of my new self care program. Making little changes that make a big difference. Better self care for busy people.

Now we always have seltzer on hand. It has no calories, no coloring, no sodium and it is very refreshing. I am particularly fond of Stop & Shop Raspberry Lime Seltzer. It is always on my shopping list. I brought it home and my husband loves it too. Since he got his pacemaker we have to be very careful about his sodium intake. He is on a low sodium diet.

Since we drink so much of it there are quite a few Stop and Shop seltzer cans have been accumulating. We will recycle them or make art. I hope to make an art project from them sometime soon. Similar to when I used reclaimed lumber and recycled cans to create the cherry blossoms awards. I keep thinking something in a Mermaid theme when I look at the blue can, but we will have to wait and see where inspiration takes me. I might have to see what other flavors have different colors of the cans. Stop and Shop is very supportive of women owned businesses. They are very committed to the supplier diversity initiative. Because they care, I care and I patronize their stores.

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Classic Cars – Vintage Cars, I love things that are made of metal

I love tools, I love machines, I love metal. Yesterday I was at one of my vendors and the owner of this particular machine shop had just received his classic car back from having the interior upholstery finished. It was beautiful. Can you say "mint condition". I mean it. The way the polished metal bumpers gleamed. I love these cars because they are beautifully designed. If I had my choice I would have my company car be a vintage car. Unfortunately I need to haul a whole bunch of stuff around so my van that can carry a 4' x 8' sheet of wood or metal is safe. It is doing it's job, but it is no classic car.

I think the best way to describe a vintage car is that I think they are sexy.

While I was there my friend showed me how to get to the gas tank . You press a button on and the left rear taillight lifts up to give you access. Very Cool. Now that is classy design. I love classic cars because they are from a time when craftsmanship was important. Things were built to last. Here are a few photos of accessing the gas tank and a couple of our unique gift ideas for classic car lovers. Enjoy.

[nggallery id=12]
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Vita Mixer 5200 for Sale- a great deal

Anyone want to buy a new never used Vita mixer for $450?
$61 less than I paid for it 2 months ago( $511.)

Ok, so I thought it would be a great idea to buy a Vita Mixer 5200 but now I realize that it is going to take time to learn how to use the thing. I don’t have time to be buying veggies and fruits and creating healthy food.

I am disappointed in myself. But I really just want to get it off my counter top at home. I will buy another one someday when I have a bit more time. If I return it to the company they will take 25% off it for returning it.

So I figure why not give someone else the discounted rate. Even less than I purchased it for. Call the studio if you are interested.

adminVita Mixer 5200 for Sale- a great deal

Custom Projects. Happy Customers

Gail Ahlers creates a custom birthday gift. Not all of our projects are for corporations. Our design services are for creating gifts that bring joy to our customers and the recipient of our gifts. Seen here we have a happy customer that asked us to create a travel jewelry case using our photo-enameling process. She told us her friend's name, her favorite colors, favorite plant ( a ginko leaf ) and a little insight into her personality. With that information we handcrafted her gift and, as seen in this photo, she was delighted.

The photo-enameling process allows us to create one of a kind or limited edition artwork for our clients without having to make a custom pewter emblem. We have used this process to create bridesmaids gifts, unique holiday gifts and wedding party gifts. We can create that jewelry box that the rings are transported to the ceremony. We can make a custom design or use an photograph that has special meaning. We can embellish the surface with Swarovski Crystals, sentimental items like a luck penny, dog tag or pressed flowers.

After all what is more important in life than the people we love.

I enjoy that making people smile is part of my job.

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